Transforming Lives Through Compassionate Care

At Prominence Health, our commitment to delivering the best possible care to our members shines through the inspiring stories that highlight the impact of our dedicated staff. We are proud to share the journey of Theodor, a member whose life was transformed by the compassionate care and diligent efforts of Prominence Health Case Manager, Debbie Svab, RN, LIC.

When Debbie received a referral from a Prominence Health Assessment visit, she recognized the need for comprehensive care coordination and diabetic education for Theodor. Living with diabetes and dementia presented numerous challenges for Theodor, and it was clear that he needed a primary care physician (PCP) and a responsive endocrinologist to better manage his condition. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Debbie sprang into action. She connected Theodor to a highly recommended PCP who proved to be an ideal fit for his needs. Theodor and his wife, Kat, were delighted with the PCP's approach and expertise, which instilled a renewed sense of confidence in Theodor's healthcare journey.

Debbie's commitment did not stop there. Understanding the crucial role of an endocrinologist in Theodor's diabetes management, she called upon various specialists to find the perfect match. Through her determination, she succeeded in connecting Theodor with a provider who introduced him to an advanced insulin pump – a game-changer in his treatment plan. She also assisted in helping get a continuous glucose monitoring system that provides glucose readings every 5 minutes, as well as access to groceries to aid in proper nutrition for both Theodor and his wife.

"My job was to get Theodor the quality care he needed in a timely fashion," said Debbie. "It was great to be able to get him into the right place with the right doctors who listened to his story, allowing them to make the right choices for him and his family."

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Theodor's A1C levels, a crucial marker of long-term blood sugar control, saw a significant improvement. From 8.9 to an impressive 7.2, this positive shift demonstrated the impact of our collaborative efforts in helping him achieve better health outcomes. Theodor's wife and full-time caretaker, overwhelmed with gratitude, expressed that these life-changing connections would not have been possible if it weren't for Debbie's invaluable guidance and support.

"Debbie was absolutely wonderful," said Kat. "Paramedics used to know us by our first name, and let's just say it's now been a year since Theodor has been in the hospital. We are very happy."

The story of Theodor not only showcases the transformation that one patient experienced but also epitomizes our promise to delivering exceptional care. The entire team at Prominence Health, led by compassionate and proactive individuals like Debbie, remains steadfast in our commitment to providing personalized care to each of our members.

"We must know that people (like Theodor) need our help. They need us to listen, and they need us to be able to do what we do for them," said Debbie. "Not enough people know the value of case management and what it is we can do to help people."

As we celebrate Theodor's journey towards improved health, we take pride in the fact that his story is just one of many successes achieved through our united efforts. Prominence Health continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our members, empowering them to live healthier, happier lives.

Together, we are creating a brighter future, one patient at a time.